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From the last 15 years Amin Kapisa Construction Company has provided comprehensive program and construction management services. Since our founding in 2007, we have served a growing clientele including public and private owners, government agencies,
developers, utilities and sureties. Throughout our history, our corporate mission has never varied. We are dedicated to helping our clients more effectively deliver their facilities and we are passionate about client satisfaction. At AKCC, we are overconfident of our hard-earned reputation for responsiveness, objectivity, and effectiveness.

To provide the best possible client service, AKCC maintains and expert, professional staff. The staff collectively boasts 6 years of specialized experience, and many team members have completed advanced technical and management training. At AKCC, our success in construction and project management is a result of our proven ability to plan and evaluate construction projects in terms of custom and usage, the standard of care, required resources, time and cost. This ability empowers our staff to analyze and manage large, complex and specialized projects, consistently on time and within budget.

Business Description

Amin Kapisa Construction Company {AKCC} company’s principle activities are to provide the best and quality product for our customers/clients. The Company Operates in many segments like: Design, Assessment, Survey and Construction.

We honed our skills in the construction of industrial plants and infrastructures. The Company’s principal activities are general civil and architectural construction such as bridges, ocean dock construction, disaster prevention facilities and road surfacing. The Company is also involved in design and construction of Pre stressed Concrete and Pre-cast Concrete construction and manufacture and marketing of the products. The operations are carried out through following divisions: Construction works; manufacturing and other. The Construction works includes prestressed Concrete construction, planning, design, general civil and architectural construction, maintenance and repair of civil architectural structures. The Manufacturing activities include manufacture and sales of prestressed concrete products and precast concrete products and manufacture and sales of their manufacturing tools, materials, and parts.

It is a combination of tighter control over costs, improved gross margins and better productivity on factory floors which is putting us back in the black. Amin Kapisa Construction Company  {AKCC} is the company which is looking to consolidate its more and new kind of a Design, Assessment, Survey and Construction business, which is spread across 4-5 entities, into one or two firms in the whole Afghanistan.

Today, AKCC Company is a trusted design, assessment, survey and construction company and general contractor based in all over the Afghanistan.  As a commercial contractor we have the capabilities to work the large and small clients while giving each the highest level of personalized attention and services. Regardless of the scope of the projects which AKCC Company did in their past made a big history.

We see the project through our customer’s eyes.

When a customer hires us, their objectives immediately become our objectives, we are part of their team, and we see the project through their eyes.

With a perfectionist’s attention to detail, AKCC Company has trained his crews to build quality into every detail. An on-site supervisor from the commercial construction company Always makes certain that the project runs smoothly and on schedule. When we do our job properly, »our customers are free to concentrate on their jobs–not the construction. That’s a tremendous relief to any company that has had a bad experience with a contractor.

Build rite is a team of skilled professionals, each with their own strengths, who collectively strive to excel in our field. Our emphasis is on attention to detail, customer service and providing the help our clients

Need to build their business. It is this approach that has earned Build rite a place among the top construction companies in Afghanistan.

  • AKCC is a Unique Company and profitable company which never let down the Client.
  • The founders of the company are shared equally and they will be shared equally to the Profit and Losses of Company.
  • The Executive’s / Share Holder’s of the company are:
  • Abdul Basir Shapoor
  • Amin Agha (Deputy Director)
  • The coordinator of the company will be chosen among the founders and he will be carried out his duties within one year until next selection. No special reward and benefit is considered for coordinator. The responsibilities and duties of each founder are showed in the company structure chart.
  • Every important decision making will be concerning for the company and other related to the company activities will be decided collectively by founders.
  • Every activity that will be carried out by the company will be carefully recorded and kept in archived list of the company.
  • The company’s activity will be carried out with full transparency.
  • Unsolvable dispute between the Company and Customer and that will be referred to the third party.
  • The whole transactions of the company should be done through a bank.
  • Every single cheque related to the company should be signed by the two founders of the company.
  • The names of the persons will be decided and then that will be Introduced to the bank. So, they can recognize the founder easily to avoid the confusion.
  • The resignation of any member should be submitted in written to the company.
  • The person has an obligation to clear all his account prior his leaving. He will get his share, in case of loss or profit till his resignation.
  • In case of death of any of the member of company, the share of the death person automatically goes to his close family member.
  • In case of bankruptcy, the assets of company will be sold and debt of company and that should be paid.

AKCC Company is a leader in providing value-added construction services to our customers by creating a successful partnership with them throughout the construction process.

Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of the construction team.

To be the BEST CHOICE for utility construction and network installation services for our Customers, Teammates, and Suppliers.

To maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships with our suppliers, subcontractors, professional associates and customers.

AKCC Registration License

Amin Kapisa Construction & Road Building Co. Already got a valid Registration License from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Ministry of Commerce and Industries in the year 2007 and it’s updated up to 09-11-2022.

Registration Number: 95645

License Number: D-25408

Established: 2007


The last two decades of war and active conflict heavy damages on all communities like social, economic, political institution, human assets and material infrastructures. The damage on physical infrastructure has been so general that it wrapped in its fire all sorts of infrastructure from residential houses in the villages to the residential cluster in the cities, public buildings in districts, provinces, and the capital; industrial states; roads, high ways, irrigation system, and hydrological dames etc.With the formation of new government Afghanistan is back on its way to normal and rehabilitation, and is recovering from the symptoms of war and conflict in terms of establishing good governance, security, and economic prosperity.  In other words security, good governance and economic success could only be achieved wherein intervention in one area is closely linked with intervention in another area.Analyzing the complete scenario as presented above a Company  of professional Afghans consisted of expert people in different sectors such as Civil Engineers, Road Engineer, Construction Engineer, Mechanics Water Supply Engineers, Administrators and other experts dedicated to the stability and economic prosperity of the beloved country Afghanistan through participating in Rehabilitation process of public affairs to rebuild the damaged infrastructures, and to rebuild a new Afghanistan for its people, we are proud to say that our company (AKCC), Is a trusted and well managed company for every kind of construction works in Afghanistan.Next, I would like to acknowledge that every Organization have their own kind of management and regulations. AKCC has the ability/capacity to complete the task within the short span of time.Finally, would like to conclude by few words that AKCC being a Limited Company have a motto i.e., we believe in “WE” instead of “I”.

  • Knowledge, experience and professionalism.
  • Vital early information for site planning, program development, building design, assessments, surveying and construction analysis.
  • Comprehensive document preparation and delivery.
  • Experienced governmental liaisons.
  • Expedient bid process management.
  • Extensive subcontracting resources.
  • Design, budget and scheduling accountability.
  • Site evaluation and reporting.
  • Program development and architectural management.
  • Early schematic budget development and control.
  • Building pro-forma analysis.
  • Contractor selection and management.
  • Post construction and occupancy coordination.
  • Topographical Survey and Engineering Site Drawing.
  • Preliminary Design.
  • Complete Architectural Design and detail drawing.
  • Structural design and detail drawing.
  • Mechanical Design and Drawing {HVAC}
  • Water Supply and Sanitation Design and detail drawing.
  • Electrical Design and Drawing.
  • Cost Estimation and Preparation of Bill of Quantity.
  • Drilling documentation
  • Technical evaluation for the construction
  • Technical evaluation of the project.
  • Quality Control and supervision of the project.

Principles and constitution of the company Background:

After a long conflict, unrest and destruction in the country, this is the time for every Afghan to participate to the rehabilitation and reconstruction process of the country. As every bodies know, the nowadays Afghanistan needs enormous effort to rehabilitate and reconstruct the country. Our team that is composed of an architect, civil engineer and mechanical engineer can efficiently participate for the reconstruction of the country. As the team is equipped with appropriate knowledge and recent software technology, so it can help to enhance the productivity of the association.

The AKCC is a company and will get reasonable profit from the works and services that will provide to the various customers.

In the light of the following basic principles and articles the association will be carried out its services to the customers

The short term and long term goal and objectives of the company will be:

  1. To create an employment opportunity for a suitable Afghans.
  2. To get reasonable benefit from the service that can provide for public, private and other governmental organizations.
  3. To participate the rehabilitation and reconstruction process of the Afghanistan.
  4. To introduce and use of the new software technology for the services that could be beneficial for new technology information in order to enhance the productivity and accelerate the process of rehabilitation and reconstruction of the country.
  5. To persuade and encourage other Afghans who are living in abroad to come to their country and do their best for the country.
  6. Learning and delineating successful team expectations in Team Members.
  7. Developing a desire to be competitive, avoiding mediocrity and establishing goals with a plan of action.

After the registration of the company by the concern Afghan, Authority and Introduction to the concern related governmental organizations, private and others related companies should be by means of introduction like: letter and presentation, etc…

The following duties/responsibilities and the activities which will be carried out by the company:-

  1. Surveying of the construction site for the private and public customers and making of the drawing map in the construction site.
  2. Making of Architectural and Engineering drawing for the private and public sectors.
  3. Feasible study of the site for town and city and drawing of general plan.
  4. Quantity and cost estimation of construction projects according to a norm that is approved by government of Afghanistan.
  5. Technical advice and consultation to private, public sector and others construction companies.
  6. Quality control of a construction site and writing technical report and recommendation to the customers.
  7. Technical investigation of construction that might be destroyed by unexpected event and making some recommendation to the customers.
  8. Giving consultation and advice for the renovation and repairing of a construction project that is requested by the customers.
  9. Participation to the eventual seminars for discussion and changing view for the betterment of work.


Adbul Basir Hakimpoor

CEO of Amin Kapisa Construction and Road Design Co.

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Technical Team


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Abdul Basir Shapoor


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