Project Name & Location: Mana Gai 2.1 MW design build hydropower plant in Kunar province
Contract Ref#: MEW/1387/ DB Solicitation No: MEW/1387/ DB
Project Type: Construction: Design: Design/Build:
Prime Constructor Yes:     No: Sub-Contractor Yes:     No:
Customer Point of Contact: Engineer Abdul Alim Kaiani
Address: Ministry of Water and Energy, Directorate of plan and project implementations
Phone/Cell#: 0700068849
E-mail Address:
Project Started Date: 17-January-2013 Project End Date: 1,March,2017
Project Amount: $9,885,798.00
Design/Build Capabilities: 
  • The project was build-design type and consisted of the following:
  • Topographical, geological and hydrological survey and design
  • Clearing and cleaning of vegetation
  • Intake construction ( excavation, foundation, stone masonry, RCC, gate and mechanical equipment)
  • Construction of canals ( excavation, stone masonry, and forebay construction)
  • Construction of the administrative building
  • Construction of storage building
  • Guard tower, security house
  • Boundary wall
  • Mechanical and electrical work of the entire buildings
  • Drilling of a deep well
  • PowerHouse Construction (excavation, foundation, RCC and PCC works, stone and brick masonry, roof work)
  • Providing and laying penstock (excavation, foundation, construction of RCC pipes, Providing and installation of metallic pipes)
  • Installation of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment (Purchasing and Supply of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment, and Installation of Mechanical and Electrical equipment)