Project Name & Location: Malikar High School, Koh Band District, Kapisa
Contract Ref#: W914BN-09-R-RP22 Solicitation No: W914BN-09-R-RP22
Project Type: Construction: Design: Design/Build:
Prime Constructor Yes:     No: Sub-Contractor Yes:     No:
Customer Point of Contact: Glenn D. Mundt, MAH, USA /  Capt  James M. Gingras
Address: PRT Kapisa Bagram , Afghanistan
Phone/Cell#: 0797283259 / 0777284148
E-mail Address: /
Project Started Date: 27 April 2009 Project End Date: 25 February 2010
Project Amount: $138,595
Design/Build Capabilities: 
  • Site clearing
  • Demolition of existing columns and slabs
  • RCC columns
  • Build Stone and brick masonry walls.
  • Beams and slab construction
  • Plaster and finish interior and exterior walls.
  • Install exterior doors and interiors doors
  • Paint interior and exterior of the building
  • Install the truss and iron sheet roof.
  • Install glass windows with frames.
  • Install complete latrines with at least 2 stalls per latrine.
  • Install and test a complete sewage/plumbing system for the entire structure, ensuring adequate/effective waste removal/treatment.
  • Install and test the complete electrical system for the entire structure.
  • Construct a well for the building and connect it to the water delivery system. Ensure effective tie-in to the external water source and adequate water pressure throughout the system.
  • Construct a septic tank for the building and connect it to the sewage/plumbing system.