Project Name & Location: 24km Asphalt Road From Parwan to Bamyaan Section#2
Contract Ref#: W91B4N-09-C-RP25 Solicitation No: W91B4N-09-R-RP25
Project Type: Construction: Design: Design/Build:
Prime Constructor Yes:     No: Sub-Contractor Yes:     No:
Customer Point of Contact: Capt: Ronald D. Hillard
Address: Bagram Regional Contracting Center
Phone/Cell#: 0799400580
E-mail Address:
Project Started Date: 1-August-2009 Project End Date: 15,Sep,12
Project Amount: $8,896,540.00
Design/Build Capabilities: 
  • The project was build-design type and consisted of the following:
  • Detail Survey and Design
  • Clearing and cleaning of vegetation, and set up a horizontal alignment
  • Excavation& cutting of soft and hard materials
  • Excavation for required Structures and Channel Excavation for open and Side drain
  • Road embankment
  • Subgrade preparation, subbase, and base course layers
  • Road structures (culverts, wash and retaining walls)
  • Appling Bituminous Prime and tack coats
  • Asphalt Binder Course 60mm
  • Asphalt Wearing Course 50mm and 40mm
  • Double Bituminous Surface Treatment (DBST)
  • Road Signs and road marking
  • Soil Investigation QA/QC plan and occupational health and safety plan
  • Providing As Build Drawing